internet marketing Uptime Media GroupUptime Media Group offers everything a business needs to prosper on the internet. Don’t have a website? No problem! We’ll design a custom, professional website for you. Our websites come complete with 100% unique content and SEO built in. If you already have a website, our team of technicians can work with your existing site to maximize your visibility in the search engines and put you where you need to be to succeed – above your competition.


Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of making a multitude of specific adjustments to a website so that the search engines see it as being the most relevant and important website on the internet pertaining to your specific business’s services and service area. As the search engines themselves evolve and change, so do the requirements needed to achieve top ranking. This is why it’s so important to hire a company that has not only years of SEO experience, but also invests time on a weekly basis researching current updates being implemented by the top search engines which are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Effective SEO also requires complex off-page optimization, at which we are an industry leader.

Simply put, SEO is what you need to have your website found at the very top of the search results where over 90% of internet users click. This will bring your clients to you and is vital to any business’ prosperity.


Local Maps Optimization


When you search in Google, Yahoo or Bing for a local service or product, you’ve probably noticed a map at the top of the search results with business addresses listed. UMG offers the creation and promotion of these valuable listings and we’re sure you’ll be surprised with the positive response your business will receive when we optimize your map listing to rank at the top.

Paid Placement


Search engines offer their own marketing through paid ads which they will display your website in the search results for specified search terms. UMG sets up ad campaigns directly with the search engines and manages production. This form of online marketing can be an effective addition to SEO.


Social Media


Social-MediaSocial media has never been so important in the world of business. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Yelp have given business owners a way to reach their clients that never before existed. Using these social platforms effectively will be a key component to your company’s growth. UMG’s social media team has extensive experience setting up and managing social media accounts and many of our clients choose to invest in this area of our expertise.


Mobile and Tablet Friendly Sites and Search


Each year the number of people using mobile devices and tablets to perform internet searches increases by 30%! This is the future! Having a website that can be easily found and navigated on tablets and smart phones has never been more important. UMG uses optimization techniques that enhance mobile search placement, and every website we design is mobile friendly with “Click to Call” buttons displayed conveniently for your customers.